We are offering three categories of NOGA magnetic stands. NF model with arms of same length 107mm and variable choice of base and fine adjustement. They have one central lock of all three joints. Next one are stands DG, MG and MA with arms from 211 to 568mm and one central lock of all three joints. Last model is PH with two arms in variable length from 230 to 575mm which are locked by one screw. You can also choose your own stand which will suit to your requirements - you only have to specify base, arms and top attachements. Detailed information about products and their parts you will find in our e-shop.

Bases and base attachements

On - off magnets and magnetic bases NOGA are supplied in several executions - magnets with clamping power from 320 to 1300 N, suction base (320N) and clamps. Detailed specification you will find on our e-shop.


Arms and top attachements NOGA are supplied in various executions and in different lengths. You will find detailed information in our e-shop.